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昨年発売されたときから目を付けていたnani IROのPAINTING CHECKシリーズ。






生地:nani IRO (PAINTING CHECK レディーハグ)


nani IRO Baby Dress

I had my eyes on these series nani IRO series, PAINTING CHECK when they came out last year.  I finally found the perfect opportunity to use them - a baby shower gift for my best friend in Denver.

She lived next door when I lived in Connecticut for 6 years from age 5 to 11.  It was like a child's heaven to have a best friend living right next to you.  All you need to do is walk over and ring the bell to see each other, and play outside till one of your moms hollers to come home for supper.  It was good that she was a year younger than me.  A year's difference at that age usually meant having nothing in common, which was good.  It didn't matter who's birthday parties or sleepovers we went to because we didn't have any other friends in common, and no need to feel jealous since we would have our own.

So more than 20 years has gone by since I came back to Japan, and we are still in touch.  It was first with Christmas cards and letters, later on with mails and Facebook.  I had only met her once when I visited her 5 years ago.

Yet we are still very special friends.  I made bracelets for her bridesmaids on her wedding and her mother read out my card on that day.
Now she will be a mother to a girl in September.  One of her aunts (yes, I keep in touch with her relatives too) told me her mom was hosting a baby shower, so I decided to make a surprise gift.  I wanted to make something "Japanese", but not anything traditional like.  So I decided to use one of Naomi Ito's textile.  This double gauze is perfect for babies, so soft and comfortable.

This is my 5th piece using this pattern, which is just adorable, and really changes the impression depending on the fabric you use.  (Past posts here and here)
In the book, the dress is worn with the ribbon in the front, but I like it in the back.  It can be worn as a dress and then as a top when she gets bigger.

My daughter asked me to make something of hers too, so I think I will.  Our daughters half way around the globe wearing matching clothes - how sweet that would be.

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