Me-Made-May '15 (DAY 3)







I am already behind in uploading my pictures in the Flickr group and updating my blog posts, but enjoying looking at everyone else's!

Today I'm posting what I wore on Sunday.
I went shopping with my family, preparing for the camp trip.

The me-made items are the paisley tunic and cotton pearl earrings.  The top, I made several years ago when I first started making clothes for myself.  In the beginning, sewing was a way to save some money after becoming a full time mom.  Also because I finally figured that the clothes I wore to work in my early twenties (which were most of the clothes I had at that time) did not fit into my lifestyle anymore.  I thought I needed more roomy ones that I can move comfortably with my kids and take care of the day-to-day house chores.

But they had been pushed back in my closet after I found more pattern shops to meet my taste, and took a lot of time in figuring out what I really wanted to wear, preferably without spending much money.

This MMM'15 has already given me the opportunity to give light to those poor clothes.  I have gotten rid of a lot of garments and shoes the past few years, but, oh it is just so hard, most of the time impossible, to thrash out something you've made yourself.
Even if the cost of the fabric you used is less than half of something you bought at a fast fashion store, it makes you too emotional.  And that's the good thing about making your own clothes, you have a personal affection, a memory about that piece.

On a side note, I used an app for the close up picture that makes your skin almost flawless, and it makes me feel like I have done some kind of fraud.

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