naniIRO ビッグバッグ







naniIRO Canvas Bag

Along with the dress I made the other day, I decided to make a large bag for my friend's baby shower.  
I used a linen/cotton canvas from naniIRO's "&." series.
I copied the size and design from a store bought bag I always use when I go out with my family on weekends.

Having kids means double, no triple the amount of things to bring with you.  Diapers, towels, change of clothes, snacks, and an "extra" of everything plus the "just in case" set.
A large bag that is light weight, sturdy, and foldable is a must have.  You are mostly likely to be in a hurry when you are trying to leave the house with kids so zippers and buttons are just going to get in your way.  You need something you can just stuff everything in.  

I have added two large pockets on the outside, where I usually keep tissues, small towels or pamphlets and tickets of the place we are visiting.  

The envelope is used in Japan to give money on a special occasion; a wedding, a newborn baby, graduation, funerals, etc.  The ribbon in the center is called a "mizuhiki" and it has a different meaning depending on how it is tied.  A bow tie can come loose with a pull, and can be tied back again, so it is used for happy occasions that are welcomed to happen more than once.  A wedding is a happy occasion too, but usually not something you want more than once in your life, so you will not be using a "mizuhiki" that is bow tied, but double knotted.
I am not sending money to my friend, so I have taken out the envelop that's inside and instead put in a letter from my daughter and myself.

I was a bit behind schedule so I rushed to the post office this morning and sent it via EMS, hoping it will make it on time for the baby shower to be held on the 13th.
Her mother kindly sent me the invitation, even though she knows I won't be able to come.

Well, I won't be there in person, but my heart will, with my handmade gifts.
I hope she will enjoy the rest of her quiet peaceful time with herself, her husband and family & friends.  Because a storm of  laughter, joy, and poop is on her way!


  1. Oh qué bonito post!
    Oh how emocionant post!
    I hope you will be soon with your friends

    1. Thank you. Yes, we hope to see each other sometime soon and introduce our families :)